Heads up: new license & dev policy is happening in ~1 hour!!!

We're getting the last things in place, and expect in roughly one hour
we will pause all commit access while we put in place the various
mechanical pieces of this.

I will send a somewhat detailed email reminding people of what has
changed when everything opens back up.

If this takes us more than 1-2 hours, I'll send an update with a rough
time estimate.

Details in case you missed the previous emails:


Ok, most of the prep work is done, and SVN access is going down now.
(Took us longer than anticipated, sorry about that.)

Thanks for your patience everyone, it was a bit rocky but got done.

The new license is in place and all subsequent contributions to LLVM
projects need to be under this license.

A couple of brief reminders to everyone:

1) For the next week or two, if you are submitting a patch on behalf
of someone else, and you don't work at the same company, confirm with
them that they are aware of the new license and intending to
contribute under it. An easy way to do this is get the patch rebased.
In a few weeks when all incoming patches are based on this, the need
for this is gone. We just don't want people surprised or confused.

2) If your commit access no longer works, you probably have an email
from me mentioning either that you haven't filled out our form, or one
of your employers listed there hasn't signed a corporate agreement.
Steps to get commit access restored were detailed in the prior
email[1] but I'll also repeat them below[2].

3) We will be keeping the LLVM-8 branch's license *unchanged*. It will
remain under the old license. This will mean ensuring all the
cherrypicks to that branch are done under the old license, and we're
working w/ the release team and our lawyer to get guidance on what (if
anything) is needed here. It will likely be very lightweight however.

I'm still doing a bit of house keeping and updating the last remnants
that assume everything is under the old license.

If you have questions, or things aren't working as anticipated, please
reach out to me! You can CC license-questions@llvm.org for private
discussions, or I'm happy to answer questions and discuss on

Remember, this is juts installing the new license for *subsequent*
commits. We still will be working diligently to collect agreements
from all contributors, and until we complete that process all the
repositories will retain the legacy license framework, and adhere to
its requirements.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to Mike Edwards who did a ton of
work tonight to get this landed, as well as Anton and Tom who also
helped throughout the process of putting all the mechanical pieces in


[1]: http://lists.llvm.org/pipermail/llvm-dev/2019-January/129069.html

[2]: ## Re-enabling commit access

If your commit access isn't automatically re-enabled, you will have to
take some action. There are several cases here:

a) If you haven't filled out the form (you can do this without signing
anything!), please do that first:

b) If you signed the individual agreement, but not all companies you
listed in the form are covered, but your current employer is covered,
just ask license-questions@llvm.org and let us know who your current
employer is and we will re-enable.

c) If your commits are 100% owned by a company (or companies) despite
your use of a personal email address (or an email we don't recognize
for a company) and you can't sign the individual agreement, please
write an email to license-questions@llvm.org explicitly stating your
name, the relevant company, and that they own your contributions. As
soon as we have this in our archive and confirm the company is
covered, we will re-enable commit access. We'll follow up regarding
historical contributions later. However, I want to repeat that this
case is challenging for historical contributions and signing the
individual agreement is often much simpler and more cost-effective for
the LLVM project.

d) If your current employer hasn't yet signed the agreement, please
send email to license-questions@llvm.org clearly stating that both you
and your current employer are aware of the new license and that all
subsequent contributions will be under this license, and we'll try to
re-enable access. However, getting agreement only for subsequent
contributions may be just as much work as getting the full corporate
agreement, so if possible please simply work with your employer as
outlined here: http://llvm.org/foundation/relicensing/#corporate_agreement

e) If you believe all relevant agreements are signed and your commit
access should have been re-enabled but we made an error, just send
email to license-questions@llvm.org and we will try and fix

We are doing everything we can before the cut-over on Friday to
minimize how many contributors will be impacted by one of these cases.
And we will have folks working hard to respond rapidly to any further

Fantastic, thank you Chandler and everyone else who contributed - this is a huge step forward for the community!