hello. seg faults on AMD64 linux


I've installed LVM 1.6 and followed the getting started instructions and lli hello.bc works fine but when I convert it to hello.native it seg faults.

AMD64 machine uname -a:

   Linux hp5kuw 2.6.12-10-amd64-k8 # Mon Jan 16 17:23:13 UTC 2006 x86_64 GNU/Linux

llvm-gcc --version outputs:

  llvm-gcc (GCC) 3.4-llvm 20051104 (LLVM 1.6)

What have I done wrong?

Wink Saville

There is no x86_64 code generator at this time.

Wink Saville wrote:

Jeff Cohen wrote:

There is no x86_64 code generator at this time.

I should have guessed, what was surprising was that it compiled and linked.

Anyway, I did stumble on a work around; I'm using ubuntu and googled around and found that there is ia32-libs-dev which allows for development of ia32 binaries on x86_64 systems. I installed it and then used the -m32 option when I compiled to native:

   gcc -m32 hello.bc -o hello.native

It worked!

Wink Saville