Help on making doxygen document

Dear Sir or Ms:
My OS is ubuntu 12.04(AMD64). I have installed TexLive 2012, Graphviz 2.26.3, doxygen without the dependence doxygen-latex.The version of LLVM I am working on is 3.2. My configure script is the following:

…/llvm-3.2/configure --prefix=/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-install2 --enable-targets=host-only --enable-debug-runtime --enable-assertions --enable-doxygen --disable-optimized --with-llvmsrc=/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-3.2 --with-llvmobj=/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-build2 >configure.log 2>configure.errors
There is no reporting error in configure.
I make LLVM under my build directory using the following command:
make >make.log 2>make.errors
There is no error reported in the end but a warning is reported:
/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-3.2/unittests/Support/AlignOfTest.cpp:59:8: warning: direct base ‘{anonymous}::S1’ inaccessible in ‘{anonymous}::D9’ due to ambiguity [enabled by default]

Then I make install, it reports many errors. I classify them into the following:

  1. (In my opinion, this is maybe the cause. I don’t find the solution by reading documents and searching web)
    sh: 1: /usr/bindot: not found

Problems running dot: exit code=127, command=‘/usr/bindot’, arguments=‘“/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-build2/tools/clang/docs/doxygen/html/” -Tpng -o “/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-build2/tools/clang/docs/doxygen/html/ABI_8h__incl.png” -Tcmapx -o “/home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-build2/tools/clang/docs/doxygen/html/”’

error: problems opening map file /home/me/mywork/sca/llvm/llvm-build2/tools/clang/docs/doxygen/html/ for inclusion in the docs!

Thanks in advance!

Best Wishes
Yours Faithfully