Help regarding clang

I want to build a clang tool to do some syntax check on c++ code.I am following procedure given on I am trying to execute those instructions from 10 days.I am really stuck.Please guide me.


It’s probably a good idea to describe what you have done, what is happening and how that is different from what you expect (crash, compiler error, doesn’t do what you want, etc) and post some code showing what you are doing.

I need to do syntax checking on c++ code.For example,check for single ‘=’ in if statement.To create a tool to support such checks,what tools I have to install and how?.Please guide.I am currently following this link .It is taking lot of time to setup all tools mentioned in this link.I am getting some errors too.I haven’t written any code as of now,but have to have to build very soon.I have tried to follow set up from the link but had some issues linking libraries.Is there any recent documentation that will help me setting up the tools required.


For adding checks, clang-tidy is the right tool (