Help required debugging clang


I am trying to debug clang++ with following program

template T::R f();

here it gives error:
error: missing ‘typename’ prior to dependent type name ‘T::R’
and I want to understand the complete flow where this error is generated.

For this purpose I put break point in clang code which uses
dianostic kind err_typename_missing but the break points never hits.

So in other approach I tried to debug from the main()
but after sys::ExecuteAndWait() it spawns new thread for clang-9 executable and then I can no longer debug it.

Can someone provide some pointer on how to find out the exact flow?


If you are using gdb , check out “set follow-fork-mode child”.


Thanks Umesh that works.

You can also pass -### to clang to get the forked command and just pass that to the debugger.