Help us: Testing binary releases

We’ve had automatic binary snapshots of clangd for a while now, but we’d like to expose these to a wider audience by having editor plugins download them automatically.

(Actually we launched this for vscode and coc, but I rolled it back because the Linux binaries weren’t as portable as intended)

Would appreciate anyone testing the latest flavor of the binaries on any x64 win/Mac/Linux machine and reporting back whether they run on your machine:

  • Linux binaries are expected to work anywhere with glibc 2.18+ (so not RHEL/centos 6 or 7, but anything else current).
  • Mac: seems to work on the systems I have access to, but I don’t know how to work out with OS versions it will run on, anyone have ideas?
  • Windows: ditto, not sure how to measure compatibility.

If curious, the build configuration is here:

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I use clangd 8-10 on ubuntu in vscode. it works fine (indexing LLVM header files, taht is a large project. so it wont crash :slight_smile: ).
something that I see in ubuntu is that compiler generates PIE by default. may be it helps to build more-portable linux binaries.