I have some problems when I use this command: gcc hello.s -o
hello.native(for example) to assembly the native language to a program.
I always got a error message like this :
"gccas: hello.s:3: parse error, unexpected $undefined.
hello.s:3: while reading token: '.' "
   I don't know what's wrong here. By the way, when I learned llvm at the
first time, I followed the simple example on web of "Getting Started
with LLVM System", everything is ok, I didn't see such an error.
   It maybe a very silly question to you, but could anyone give me some
help if you've had the same experience?

I've found the reason. This is really a silly question. Because I set
llvm-gcc/bin as a gloval path, there's a gcc in this directory which
replace the original gcc.
   Sorry to bother you.


I'm not completely sure what your situation is, so here's a few
questions that might help you resolve the situation or might help me
understand what's going on?

1. Are you running gcc or llvm-gcc?
2. The "unexpected $undefined" message usually happens when the LLVM
assembly is syntactically invalid. This shouldn't happen between llvm-
gcc and gccas. So, I'm wondering if hello.s is *native* assembly or LLVM
assembly. Typically we use the .ll extension for LLVM assembly.
3. Could you append your inputs and outputs so we can see what's