Hexagon, inline assembly and packetization

I’m not very clear on how exactly does Hexagon handle inline assembly during packetization pass and afterwards. Say there are several instructions in inline assembly. Will Hexagon split them and packetize using dependencies? Will it create a packet for every instruction in the inline assembly? Would anyone be able to provide any insights.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Packets when specified in assembly are delineated by curly braces. If the braces are omitted there is one instruction per packet.

One packet two instructions:

{ r0 = add(r0, r0)

r1 = add(r1, r1) }

Two packets, one instruction each.

r0 = add(r0, r0)

r1 = add(r1, r1)

Inline assembly is treated as a "solo" instruction in the packetizer.


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