HIR: An MLIR-based Intermediate Representation for Hardware Accelerator Description

The most recent MLIR news mentioned this publication. I’m still reading it, but it looks like the representations and transformations are very much in line with the things I talked about wanting in CIRCT back in January. Needless to say, I was very happy to find that the paper mentioned CIRCT:

We intend to contribute HIR to the CIRCT project, and develop it further within its community.

Has anyone been in touch about this? @bondhugula not sure if you monitor this forum, but I for one would love to hear more about the planned contributions to CIRCT, and how I can help.

This sort of goes to John’s question about Meetings to discuss onboarding / integration of external projects, but maybe we can set up some time either in the weekly ODM or outside that to discuss this.

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I reached out to Uday and he said they’re interested in giving a talk

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Awesome, looking forward to it.

Hi @mikeurbach - thanks! We’ll be happy to give a talk in about two weeks. @kingshuk1000 will be the speaker. Is there a CIRCT design meeting scheduled in about two weeks time?

Great! It looks like March 24 is already booked, but March 17 or March 31 are both available. Feel free to grab whatever slot you want in the google doc.