hobbes: a new project built on LLVM


Following the instructions at this page (http://llvm.org/ProjectsWithLLVM/), I wanted to make you aware of a new project called “hobbes" just published to github.com in the last few days by Morgan Stanley (my employer) and principally developed by me.


hobbes is a Haskell-family programming language with polymorphic, qualified, structural types, type classes, and type inference. With an included lightweight single-header lib for efficiently logging strongly-typed application data, hobbes can be used for out-of-band real-time and historical analysis of large data sets. With an open binding method optimized for close interaction with C++ code, hobbes can be used to dynamically extend, script, or query existing applications with minimal impact to critical-path latency and with minimal development effort. With several years of major production use within Morgan Stanley, hobbes can bring hard-won experience to new projects.

-Kalani Thielen