Host-Device Pointer Mappings: unknown at unknown:0:0

How do I make sure all of the mappings are shown with the declaration
information? I am currently getting partial info like below:

0x0000152e69b86010 0x0000152e36000000 810000000 unknown at unknown:0:0
0x0000152ec3604010 0x0000152e9a000000 648000000 unknown at unknown:0:0
0x0000152f02462010 0x0000152eea000000 202500000 unknown at unknown:0:0
0x0000152f0e581010 0x0000152ef8000000 162000000 unknown at unknown:0:0
0x00007fff9eb2ec50 0x0000152f65802600 16
recv_buffer_a[0:recv_buffer_size] at event_delivery_manager.cpp:566:14
0x00007fff9eb2ec60 0x0000152f65802c00 120 myp75[0:1] at event_delivery_mana
0x00007fff9eb2ece8 0x0000152f65802a00 104 myp75[0:1] at event_delivery_mana


There are certain case we have not properly wired up the information, if you
compile with the line table information (or -g) you should see as much as we
have wired up. What exactly is missing I don't know. Joseph, any trick to
avoid this for now?

~ Johannes

Johannes, all,

While we are at it, I am wondering why setting


does not leave any info; and setting this way:

export LIBOMPTARGET_INFO=$((1 << 0x1 | 1 << 0x02 | 1 << 0x04 | 1 << 0x10))

only seems to "work" when the app failed to execute successfully. I'd
like to those mapping
information even when the app executes normally too.