Host::GetArchitecture / default target triple question

In Host::GetArchitecture() we see this line:

// If the OS is Linux, “unknown” in the vendor slot isn’t what we want
// for the default triple. It’s probably an artifact of config.guess.
if (triple.getOS() == llvm::Triple::Linux && triple.getVendor() == llvm::Triple::UnknownVendor)
triple.setVendorName (“”);

Can anyone think of a reason why this check should be specific to Linux?

Hi Zach,

I dug up the source of this code - the original thread is here:

On FreeBSD we usually have "unknown" in the vendor field - e.g. the
default triple for lldb or clang on my desktop is
"x86_64-unknown-freebsd10.0". Triples are quite a mess, it seems. As
far as I can tell "pc" and "unknown" are basically equivalent, with
the former used in the case of x86 Linux, Windows, and a few others,
and the latter used for BSDs and non-x86.

That code block is really just a workaround for autoconf builds
choosing the wrong triple on Linux, so I don't think we want to make
this apply elsewhere.