host triple / -latomic


Should not the two commands return the same output?

bash-4.3$ llvm-config --host-target
bash-4.3$ gcc -dumpmachine

I recently built llvm-7.0.1 for ghc-8.8.4. [build script for Slackware-14.2]

In that repo’s README.pod is a line for “-latomic” which I needed when building on i586 or i686.

Is there another flag which could be used for “-latomic” to resolve the following from the llvm.SlackBuild?

As of clang-tools-extra-7.0.0 we get the following error on i586 or i686:

CMakeFiles/clangDaemon.dir/Trace.cpp.o:Trace.cpp:function std::unique_ptr<clang::clangd::trace::(anonymous namespace)::JSONTracer::JSONSpan, std::default_delete<clang::clangd::trace::(anonymous namespace)::JSONTracer::JSONSpan> >::~unique_ptr(): error: undefined reference to ‘__atomic_load_8’