how are the binary distribution compiled?

I see that some of the announcements of binaries for Windows include the script using for compiling.

Is there anything similar (or some other form of documentation) for the binaries distributed on for other platforms? (I’m particularly interested in Ubuntu)



Hi Maurizio,

If you're looking to build packages you should take a look at the script in utils/release/ in the llvm sources.

You can checkout out the release directory directly from svn, and then use the script like

"./release/ -release <version number as dotted form> -final -triple x86_64-linux-gnu-debian8 -j <number of jobs>"
and it will build that particular version of LLVM three times, run the builtin test-suite, fetch the main test suite, check that
and then package the resulting binaries.

The -triple argument there is for packaging purposes, and there are additional options to pass particular configure flags to the
build process and to control what other sub projects gets included in the building and testing. It's also possible to select particular
release candidates with -rc X instead of final.


Hi Maurizio,

You can use to build (and test :slight_smile: a binary distribution. E.g to build the 5.0.1 release, you might run:

./ -release 5.0.1 -final