How build the LLVM dragonegg on macos10.14?

I read the book “Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries”, follow the book, I want to build a dragonegg-3.3 on my mac, so I download the dragonegg-3.3 source code form ‘’, and then I build the dragonegg-3.3 use command in the book

GCC=gcc-4.6 LLVM_CONFIG=directory_where_llvm_installed/bin/llvm-config make

but my mac doesn’t have gcc-4.6, and I can’t install gcc-4.6 on now macos10.14! , It seems the gcc-4.6 is an older version of gcc not suitable for now macos10.14.

what should I do for building or installing the dragonegg on macos10.14, thanks a lot!

Dragonegg is not an active project; the source is still available as a historical archive, but nobody is maintaining it, and probably nobody will answer any questions about it.

If you really want a system with gcc 4.6, maybe set up an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine?