How can I submit two patches for review

Hi All,

I have made changes in clang side and llvm side for one ticket. How can I submit two patches(clang patch and llvm patch) for review ?

Can I submit two patches in single revision or have to submit separate and tag them both?

Could any one please give your suggestions.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Ramakota,

If you are working from a git clone of the “monorepo” then you should be able to do a git-diff from the top level directory (parent of the llvm and clang directories) and post that as a single patch.

If you are working from an SVN checkout, it’s probably better to generate two diffs and post them separately. I’d post the LLVM part first, and then when you post the Clang part, point to the LLVM part.


Thanks for your information paul.