How can use scan-build in win7


I use this command to call built-in checker
---alphs.unix.csting.OufOfBounds, but it do noting to check
test.cpp. Rather this command can work in linux. So what should i do in win7
make it run.

currently scan-build has problems with clang++.exe passed as an analyzer to use. A workaround is to provide a path to clang.exe instead: --use-analyzer=F:\Clang\llvm-3.6.0.src\build\MinSizeRel\bin\clang.exe. Submitted as PR24112 <;\.

Thank you.

Thank you, Anton! It really works, but I have to use latest scan-build code
with clang-mirror in github that you pushed a few days ago. In addition, if
we compile clang with Visual Studio, clang will use Visual Studio's standard
library and it will cause "_TRY_BEGIN" problem. When I use scan-build I have
to add the option "-D_HAS_EXCEPTIONS=0" to avoid this problem.