How can we recruit a reviewer for our path-profiling implementation?

Summary: We need to find a reviewer for our implementation of Ball-Laurus path profiling.

It is well known that path profiling generates more precise information about a program’s behaviour than edge profiling.

We are conducting a research project with the goal of developing a methodology to make feedback-directed optimization (FDO) more sound. We are developing combined profiles that enable the combination of profiling information from various run of a program (with different inputs) and makes several statistical measures available to the compiler developer to make FDO decisions.

This past Summer I employed an undergraduate student, Adam Preuss, and he implemented path profiling for LLVM — he implemented Ball-Laurus path profiling with the improvements suggested byt Thomas Ball in a separate paper. We have tested it with the entire suite of SPEC benchmarks, and we have implemented a tool to check if the profiling information obtained with the new path profiling implementation is consistent with the edge profiling implemented independently in LLVM. Adam also implemented combining profiling.

We are interested on have this code committed so that it is available to other developers and started to be used. We are ourselves exploring the advantages of using combined path profiling in speculative Partial Redundancy Elimination (PRE) in LLVM.

Adam has sent requests to the llvmdev list to try to entice a reviewer to review the code and documentation, but so far has not been successful.

Would the wiser hands around have advice to us as to how to recruit someone that can review the code and possibly approve it for commitment?



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Please ask Adam to resend the email to the mailing list.