How data is laid out in default.profraw when doing profiling?

Hi all,

  I'm now working on llvm-cov for a new target and have a problem here.
  Because of some reasons, users do not stub in the main function and after running elf file, they cannot get a default profraw. Now they want to construct a default profraw manually but don't know how data is laid out in `default profraw` file.
  We found a struct ProfDataIOVec in InstrProfilingWriter.c in compiler-rt and followed this layout.

  ProfDataIOVec IOVec[] = {
      {&Header, sizeof(__llvm_profile_header), 1},
      {DataBegin, sizeof(__llvm_profile_data), DataSize},
      {CountersBegin, sizeof(uint64_t), CountersSize},
      {SkipNameDataWrite ? NULL : NamesBegin, sizeof(uint8_t), NamesSize},
      {Zeroes, sizeof(uint8_t), Padding}};

  This helped us successfully passed some small cases(not know for sure whether the coverage result is true, but we can see coverage report). But when we added more cases, `llvm-cov show -arch=xxx ...` gave us an assertion when entering fuction ` loadFunctionRecord ` in CoverageMapping.cpp. The OrigFuncName is empty when inserting into FunctionNames. Seems the llvm-cov cannot find a function name. I think it's because we didn't construct a correct default.profraw. So how data is laid out in default.profraw when doing profiling? Any help will be appreciated.
  A small tip which may help. We are using coverage tool for a new target so when building compiler-rt, we use InstrProfilingPlatformOther.c


I would recommend reusing the existing code for writing those files, if possible. If atexit() doesn't work in your environment, you can still invoke the routines explicitly. describes this.

If llvm-cov isn't working, the most likely cause is that there's something wrong with your ELF file. Are you sure your ELF file matches the profile data, and has all the relevant __llvm_* sections?


Hi Eli,

    For the first problem, I will try reuse the existing code.
    For the second problem that my llvm-cov isn't working, I compared elf file with original one(no -fprofile-instr-generate -fcoverage-mapping flag). 5 new sections were introduced. __llvm_prf_names, __llvm_prf_cnts, __llvm_prf_data, __llvm_prf_vnds and __llvm_covmap. Does the sequence of 5 sections matter or are there more sections I need to use?


That looks like all the sections. If you're using --gc-sections or something like that, you might want to make sure the linker is including sections from all of the source .o files. If there's some sort of mismatch, that can cause llvm-cov to fail. Or if you're using a linker script, make sure you aren't accidentally inserting padding somewhere in one of those sections.

It might be simpler to compile only one .o file with "-fprofile-instr-generate -fcoverage-mapping" to start with, to make it more obvious what data is supposed to be in the final executable.