How do I add categories to old cfe-dev mails?


Is there a way to add the Static Analyzer - LLVM Discussion Forums category to topics that were imported from mailman? We could add it to all topics with the [analyzer] tag that was originally sent to cfe-dev, as a start.

But if thats too much of a hassle, is there something that I can do to add a category to an existing topic? I haven’t found the way to do that even on my own posts (that were originally sent to cfe-dev).

According to this, you need to be at Trust Level 3 in order to re-categorize posts. Do you have a list of topics you want moved? Another moderator or myself can move them.

Oh, there are likely a lot. If you could move a few, that would be awesome! In what format would you prefer that list? Links to discourse topics?

This search seems to cover a lot: Search results for '#clang in:title [analyzer]' - LLVM Discussion Forums

@Szelethus This search link is good, it looks like I can mass move them, so I’ll do it now.

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I just checked it, this is awesome, thank you so much!