How do I get my pass into the JIT?


I managed to write my own pass =) and now I want it to be executed by the LLVM-JIT but I don't see the right way to do it.
The EngineBuilder only allows to set an opt level and as far as I can see the ExecutionEngine does not provide access to the jitstate which holds its passmanager.

Could anyone give me a hint what I have to do to add my pass to the passmanager of the jit?

Thank you in advance.

Greetings Andreas

Hi Andreas, you can run any set of passes you like on your module before
handing it to the JIT.

Ciao, Duncan.

Hi Duncan,

Thank you, this would be a workaround but I hoped it would be possible to run it lazily with all the other passes to avoid the overhead on large bc-files.

But it seems that this is not possible without modifying the JIT itself, is it?

Greetings Andreas