How do I run BOLT on a benchmark of HHVM?

I want to run a benchmark with HHVM.
On the other hand, I want to apply BOLT to it as well. But I don’t know what to do.

hhvm perf.php --wordpress --hhvm=/path/to/hhvm

According to the BOLT instructions, I have to replace the execution binary in all three steps. But this binary (HHVM) has a series of inputs according to the above command.
As a result, the following questions arise for me:

How to add -Wl, -q to hhvm binary?

How to get a profile on the above command which is for running the benchmark?

How do I use ./perf2bolt in the command though wordpress--? Because it considers --wordpress as its own input and gives an error?

How do I still use ./llvm-bolt despite --wordpress? Because it still takes its own input and gives an error?

please guide me.