How get next node from current node in AST?

Hello everyone! Maybe is there some method like currNode->nextNode() ?
For example, i have this code:

//some code here
for(int i = 0; i < 10; ++i) { /* some code */ }
int var2;
//some code here

For example, i have an overriden method

bool TraverseForStmt(clang::ForStmt* forStmt)
    // here i could get a forBody by calling forStmt->getBody().
    // i could get parents by calling method on ASTContext
   // but how to get next node (get node after forStmt i.e. get 'int var2'
   //My task is to know that some nodes comes after forStmt.
I read documentation, but have not found an answear.

Plus one for this question…

This relationship isn’t tracked in the it. If you’re interested in sibling relationships, you’d need an iterator over the children of the parent. Same as with any c++ container.