How much of OpenCL/C is currently supported by Clang?

I'm trying to determine with some precision how much of OpenCL/C is currently
implemented by Clang? I find scattered posts and references to simple
examples and submissions/patches but nothing comprehensive. Wouldn't
something along the lines of the C++11 status webpage be useful?

It seems there are three aspects to support:

1) parsing
2) libclc
3) ptx code generation

I see there are about a dozen test kernels in /cfe/trunk/test/CodeGenOpenCL/

and five test kernels in /cfe/trunk/test/CodeGen/

But these demonstrate correct implementation of only a very small subset of
features. (I've asked Peter Collingbourne a similar question about libclc by
separate post.)

It seems that a clear description of what is and isn't currently implemented
would save redundant effort of people trying to figure this out and help
converge on a complete implementation by focusing would-be contributors on
what remains.


                 phillip w. hutto
                 research scientist 2
                 georgia tech / college of computing
                 high-performance architecture group