how much RAM do I really need to build a devel version of LLVM?

I tried half a gig and that didn't work. I just want to know before I
go buy a new machine.


512MB is not enough for any serious development work these days. A computer with 512MB probably has an old weak processor as well.

At a minimum think of a i3 with 4GB (maybe used?) but you’ll enjoy much more developing LLVM on a i7 with 16GB of RAM.

I've built older versions of clang (3.3 - 3.4) on a 1GB ubuntu ARMv7,
but I don't recall if that has involved a swap file.. Most likely it

I haven't had issues building recent clangs on a 4GB netbook, swap file enabled.

If you're developing *for* rather than *on* a low-power system, there's always cross building it, too. That's what people do to get Clang on a RaspberryPi, for example.



The last time I measured it was a couple years ago but the peak RAM usage at the time was a little under 7GB for a build with debug info. Most of our development systems have 16GB but we have a few test systems for non-debug builds with 2GB + swap.