How should target.inherit-env for for remote processes?

I don’t think it makes sense for them to inherit the host environemnt, makes no sense.

They should probably inhert the environment of lldb-platform/llgs.


We currently fetch this from the platform. From Target.cpp:

    GetHostEnvironmentIfNeeded () const
        if (!m_got_host_env)
            if (m_target)
                m_got_host_env = true;
                const uint32_t idx = ePropertyInheritEnv;
                if (GetPropertyAtIndexAsBoolean (NULL, idx, g_properties[idx].default_uint_value != 0))
                    PlatformSP platform_sp (m_target->GetPlatform());
                    if (platform_sp)
                        StringList env;
                        if (platform_sp->GetEnvironment(env))
                            OptionValueDictionary *env_dict = GetPropertyAtIndexAsOptionValueDictionary (NULL, ePropertyEnvVars);
                            if (env_dict)

This should be renamed to GetInheritEnvironmentIfNeeded() since it isn't the host environment. So as long as your platform correctly gets the environment, we should be good.