How to add a new diagnostic error message in Clang 2.6?

Hi, everyone.

I want to add a new diagnostic error message for Chinese in Clang 2.6
showed as follows.
def err_expected_semi_declaration_chinese : Error<

So i append a new one in the end of file, and
then recompile it.
However, there is a error occurs:

llvm2.6/llvm/tools/clang/lib/Parse/ParseDecl.cpp:370: error:
‘err_expected_semi_declaration_chinese’ is not a member of ‘clang::diag’

Have any people point out whats the reason about it and how to fix it ?

Xlous zeng.

Check in your build directory to verify that it has a line like:
DIAG(err_x86_builtin_invalid_rounding, … “…”)

It should appear here:

Good luck with the translation! Clang seems to be the only major C++ compiler without at least partial translation for its diagnostics. =/

Thanks you for you help!