How to build clang plugin

Hi all,

I’m a beginner to clang. I want to write clang plugin to do some static analysis.
I did “mkdir llvm-build” and built clang following these steps

As a starting point, I’m trying clang/examples/PrintFunctionNames from clang plugins tutorial
I did "cd llvm-build & make PrintFunctionNames ", but it didn’t work.
I also tried “cd llvm-build/tools/clang”, and “make BUILD_EXAMPLES=1”.
However, in either case I can not get “”

Is there any guidance? Thank you.

Hi Kai,

If you want to build a plugin outside the Clang tree, see this sample:
and the Makefile that builds it (in the same repo). It works both with
close-to-trunk Clang and the latest release binaries. The C++ file has a
comment at the top explaining how to run it once built


Hi Eli,

I figure out how to build clang plugin and run it now.
Thank you.