How to build "libeling_rt.builtins-riscv32.a"

I want to build a riscv32 baremetal helloworld project with clang. However, the project prompts that the library “libeling_rt.builtins-riscv32.a” cannot be found in the link phase. How do I build this library?

Either build compiler-rt or, if you want to use an existing GNU toolchain’s libraries, use --rtlib=libgcc and point Clang at your GNU toolchain.

Thank you. I successfully compiled using the GNU toolchain. I used the “-- sysroot=/opt/riscv/riscv32 unknown elf – gcc toolchain=/opt/riscv/”. I don’t know why I added the “-- rtlib=libgcc” compilation flag, clang will report error: unsupported option ‘-- rtlib libgcc’