How to build llvm-config with a different compiler?

In a cross build I'd need to retain the system compiler only for llvm-config.
E.g. I am doing

$LLVMPATH/configure \
     --prefix=$INSTALL/llvm-$TYPE \
     --host=powerpc64-bgq-linux \
     --build=powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu \
     --enable-shared \
     CXX=${CXX} \
     CC=${CC} \

where CXX and CC are cross compilers. Doing this results in llvm-config being built with CXX/CC which is not desired. When adding

     BUILD_CC=gcc \

still the llvm-config seems to be built with CXX/CC.

Anyone any idea/hint?


Found it! Looking through the Makefiles revealed that there's already an llvm-config-host tool installed that in case of a cross-build runs on the host.