How to close audits on phabricator


I've been using the audit feature of phabricator to help manage patches
for the stable release, and I'm wondering if there is some way to close
audits once the patches have been committed to the stable branch.

I'm not looking for something that is automated (though that would be
nice), I just want to be able to close audits when the patch has been
committed, so they disappear from my todo list.

I was looking the arcanist commands, and I found 'arc close' which seems
like it might do what I want, but when I ran it I got this error:

tstellar@localhost ~/llvm $ arc close rL238147
ERR-CONDUIT-CALL: Method 'maniphest.querystatuses' belongs to application
'Maniphest', which is not installed.
(Run with `--trace` for a full exception trace.)

Does anyone know the proper way to close audits or how to fix 'arc
close' ?


Hi Tom,

currently, we don’t support audit for llvm’s phab. The currently supported post-review workflow is via the cfe-commits triggered from the submits.