How to compile OpenMP programs with Clang

Hello everybody,

I am a little new to the community. So, my question may look like a bit simple to you.

I want to compile my OpenMP programs with Clang. So, I installed it as mentioned in this URL ( Then, I downloaded the source of OpenMP from the public svn repo and build the program as mentioned in here ( I run following commands after downloading the source code from SVN:
1- cd openmp/runtime
2- make compiler=clang

Now, my question lies in here. How can I compile my simple OpenMP Hello-World program? Can somebody write down the commands and its options for me? I am really confused. It is told that Clang can do the compilation by itself by providing the “-fopenmp” switch (option). But, I can see that it does nothing.

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Did you set the path OK?

If it still doesn’t work, please see me in my office ! :slight_smile: