How to compile SPEC CPU2006 using LLVM outside of test suite

Hi all,

I would like to compile the benchmarks in the SPEC CPU2006 using
different compilers and then see the differences in performance in the
code generated by these compilers. One of these compilers is LLVM. So,
I'd like to know how to compile and execute the programs in the SPEC
CPU2006 using LLVM. I already did it by configuring the SPEC as an
external project in the LLVM test suite but I would like to compile
and execute those programs outside of the LLVM test suite. There is
any way to do this?

I want to compile the SPEC outside the LLVM test suite because I'd
like to set the command line parameters to execute the programs in
SPEC manually and it seems to me that I can't do this inside the LLVM
test suite. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't know how to do that.

Thanks in advance,


Can't you just compile the SPEC binaries and use a script in a scripting language of your choice to run them?


Yes, I can do that to run the programs. But how can I get the the time
that LLVM takes to compile the benchmarks in the SPEC?