How to contribute to documentation?

There is a github issue in llvm’s repo with tag ‘documentation’, which I think I can solve. I have read ‘How to Contribute’ and ‘My first typo fix’ guides, but they don’t talk about contributing to documentation. Kindly help.
Thanks in anticipation.


Thank you for reaching out and offering to fix one of the documentation issues, Adeel.

Could you point to which exact issue you’d like to fix? It’s easier to give guidance on how to exactly do that if we know the specific issue you’d like to fix.

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This one : Document LLVM_TARGETS_TO_BUILD · Issue #58108 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub

The source of the documentation at Building LLVM with CMake — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation lives in the main LLVM repository at llvm-project/CMake.rst at main · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub.

So, to update that documentation, you’d have to git clone the LLVM repository, make a patch with your changes, and use the same review process as for any other changes to the LLVM repository, as documented at Contributing to LLVM — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation.

I hope that is enough to get you started?
If you do not know who to add as a reviewer for your change, I’d be happy to review it, so you can add me.

If things remain unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask further questions.


You can also add me as a reviewer since I have worked on the docs a bit recently.


I cloned repo, made the changes, created a branch and committed locally. After that I ran the arc diff Head^ command as mentioned in the “MyFirstTypoFix” guide. Nano text editor opened and I am being asked for Reviewers and Subscribers. What should I enter in these sections? Also how can I add you as a reviewer?

In the line that reads “reviewers” you want to do this:

Reviewers: kristof.beyls thieta

You don’t need to add anything to subscribers.

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