How to contribute to LLVM RISC-V Backend

Hi Sam,
    My name is Peng Wang (William is my English name), a member of rvv-llvm team from PLCT lab, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are supporting riscv-v-spec 0.9 and vector intrinsic functions nowadays. Currently we have implemented vector builtin functions and vector data types in clang, and converted these builtin functions into LLVM intrinsic function calls. In the back-end code generation stage. we converted these intrinsic function calls into specific vector instructions, and finally automatically converting C/C++ programs into vector instructions through optimization techniques. (the repository should be found at [1]).
    We PLCT lab have a strong motivation for contributing our work to upstream. I have noticed that currently there are many ongoing work around RISC-V V spec implementations in the official repo. Some patches are under review and seems will be landed in few days. Would you please give me some suggestions for where to start to get involved in the RISC-V Vector extension development?


Thank you
Best Regards

Hi William,

Sam is out-of-office today so I hope you don't mind me stepping in.
I've CCed in a number of active contributors to RISC-V Vector support
in LLVM, who may have thoughts on the best way to collaborate going
forwards. Roger mentioned in the RISC-V LLVM call yesterday
( that
work is underway for an RFC on codegen related challenges for the
vector extension.