How to contribute to the open MLIR project

Hi All,
I really want to contribute to the MLIR open project mentioned here Open Projects. And I am very interested in the MLIR visualization project and MLIR sparse compiler project.
Any suggestions on how can i do this?

Thank you.

Contact the people listed as mentors for each project, @jpienaar and @aartbik in this case.


Please feel free to put something on my calendar (my google email is easy to find ;-)).
Happy to chat with you on the current status and future directions of the sparse compiler work.

Thanks for your reply. This is my first time to participate in an open source project,could you give me some advise on how to start. Should I start with the starter work you mentioned in the OpenProject page?

If you are completely new to open source development, I would recommend starting very simple. Perhaps fix a spelling mistake in a comment or documentation somewhere just to get familiar with sending out revisions through Phabricator, getting a code review, and submitting the change into the repo. If you are completely new to MLIR, I would strongly recommend completing the toy tutorial first just to get familiar with concepts such as dialect and progressive lowering.

Thanks for your advise. I am not completely new to MLIR, actually I am working with a team who use MLIR to build our own compiler. I will try to follow your first advise to get fimiliar with your code review process.