How to convert the .s file(assemble) to .ll (IR)

Hi all,
I have the file which is assemble, I want to convert it to IR.
Are there some tools to do this in LLVM?

There might be a version of QEMU out there that converts native code to LLVM IR dynamically during execution. It might be used by the s2e project. – John T.

Can you attach the .s file you have?
I am working on a decompiler that will have an “output llvm ir”. The real question is what are you going to do with the ir once you have it.
As mine is a decompiler, i am focusing on making the output as humanly readable as possible. If you only need the ir in a state that llvm can work with, but not necessary easy to read, then llvm-qemu is likely to suit.
I ask for you to attach your .s so that i can see how close my decompiler is to working with it.
My decompiler is open source on github “libbeauty”