How to Debug LLVM Code in Vscode

Hi all
I am currently working on LLVM and I need to debug llvm code and I need to debug it.Since I am using Visual Studio code, I am not sure on how to use the builtin debugger.
Could you all help me in finding a way out in debugging it.
I am using lldb instead of gdb.

I can suggest the following extension to get LLDB working in VS Code that I use myself: CodeLLDB - Visual Studio Marketplace

It worth mentioning, though, that debuggers are not too good at displaying values of variables because of various space-saving techniques we use. Some Clang contributors also find LLDB not stable enough to debug Clang.

@Endill Thanks for the update.
Actually I have been using that but It was not that efficient and I am unable to debug it.
I am also working on cross compiling - Host as x86 and Target as ARM.
How to debug the executable generated