How to define an op which can describe a TensorRT subgraph?

I want to define an dialect op which used to describe a TensorRT subgraph. how to use ODS frame to define it?


Could you expand on where you want to represent it? E.g., there is a wide range from having an op with string attribute and some serialized TensorRT form (basically making the TensorRT part opaque and just passing it through) to having one with a region and modelling the TensorRT ops too so that one can optimize across.

– Jacques

I have a deep learning model, some operations in the model is supported by TensorRT. I want to execute these operation with TensorRT, and the rest operations is executed by other frameworks。 So, I need to define a special dialect op which can representation a subgraph. I could pick up the subgraph from model and convert it to the special op use pass. when execute, I can convert the special op to a TensorRT engine.