How to disable generation of .cfi directives in assembly file?

I’ve been trying to convert an LLVM IR file into assembly, but this results in the generation of .cfi_** directives. I do not want those as the assembler I am using does not support CFI for the specific target(xtensa). I have tried the following flags but I still see the .cfi_** directives in generated assembly
-fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -fno-exceptions -g0
I have also tried:

Here’s the compile command I use
/bin/clang {some of the above flags} libmodules.ll -S -o libmodules.S

Whether a function needs CFI directives is already encoded in the IR so those Clang options would only affect how IR is generated for Clang’s real input languages (C, C++, …).

You probably need to modify the input functions to add nounwind attributes to each one.

thanks for the quick reply but all of the functions have Function Attrs: noinline nounwind

That’s just a comment. Do they actually have the attributes?