How to extract the starting address of each basic block with llvm?

Dear all,

I use the clang frontend to produce the control flow graph of a C program through
this command:
clang -Xclang -analyze -Xclang -analyzer-checker=debug.DumpCFG test.c

The produced information contains all the basic blocks identified by labels,
e.g. B1, B2, etc. along with their predecessors and successors.

Is there a way to get the starting address of each of these basic block?

I would like to map the basic block labels produced by CFG with the actual

corresponding basic block starting addresses.

Could I use llvm to do this? From what I understand this issued is unrelevant with

IR. Maybe I could get something from the machine code (MC). Perhaps
I have to write a pass for llvm backend. Maybe I could get this information from
BranchFolder and IfConverter machine function passes:

but I am not sure.

I am new to llvm so I need some help,

Thank you,

Check out blockaddress(@function, %block) as documented in:

The documentation says it only has defined behavior when used with
indirectbr, but I have been able to store the block address in a
global variable that survives lowering and is the correct address.

      GlobalVariable *GV = new GlobalVariable(M, bbPtr, /*isConstant=*/true,
                                   BlockAddress::get(bb), name);

Beware, the IR BB may be optimized away when lowering to assembly. You
can detect this case when blockaddress() returns 1.


Thank you very much Jevin for the suggestion!

But how I can use blockaddress function? Do I have to write a pass in order to use it?
As I told you I am new in llvm. Could you provide me a guide or an example?

Thank you very much,

Well, a basic block doesn't have a concrete address until it is linked
by the linker. I think that you will have to write a pass that stores
the blockaddress of every BB to global variables like I mentioned in
my last mail. The perhaps you could use objdump + a script to dump the