How to find the source file, the called function is defined inside

Hi all,

I have an ASTvisitor and when it visits a CallExpr node, if the expression is a function call I would like to retrieve the filename of the source code where the called function is defined within. Is it possible?

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You could use the getFilename() API by SourceManager. Get the function’s startLoc and then pass it to the getFileName( ).

Thank you for your answer.

I have found the solution in the Clang Devs archive. This is what I did

if (func_decl->hasBody()) //in order to get the definitions body and then locate it in the corresponding file
const FileEntry *file_entry = astContext->getSourceManager().getFileEntryForID(astContext->getSourceManager().getFileID(func_decl->getLocStart()));
string sourcepath = file_entry->getName();
const int idx = sourcepath.find_last_of(“\/”);
if (std::string::npos != idx) //extract the filename from the entire path
filename = sourcepath.substr(idx + 1);

My answer is just for the archive.