How to get Code size and Performance numbers

Hi All,

How to get Code size and Performance numbers ?

Could any one please give your suggestions.

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Hi Ramakota,

Code-size is usually straightforward: you add the size of the text and data sections to obtain the total size of an image. Depending on your platform, there are different tools that can help you with that, but e.g. “size” on a linux platform would be one.

Obtaining performance numbers can be a bit of a different story. But since you don’t provide any details about your platform or environment, your question how to obtain numbers can’t be answered in a useful way.


Thanks for your suggestions Sjoerd.

Is there any way to get code size by using lnt frame work ?

And I am looking for Performance numbers in Linux Environment/Platform using lnt (correct me if I am wrong).

Could you please give your suggestions.



I guess that depends on your LNT configuration/setup, looks like ours report code_size by default. Anyway, this looks like a good start: