How to get started with instruction scheduling? Advice needed.

Hi Phil,

> I've been watching this presentation from a 2014 LLVM dev meeting

Thanks for your sharing!

I am reviewing:

* The chapter 10 (Instruction Level Parallelism) and chapter 11 (Optimizing for Parallelism and Locality) of Compiler Principle[1]

* Adding and Optimizing a Subtarget for MIScheduler[2] by Dave Estes

* Scheduler for in-order processors - what's present and what's missing in LLVM[3] by Javed Absar

* Writing Great Machine Schedulers[4] by Javed Absar and Florian Hahn

Hi Alex,

Please leading me to implement Machine scheduling model for at least one core (e.g. Rocket, PULP)[5]

Rocket - RV64G - "in-order", single-issue applicaEon core, BOOM - RV64G - "out-of-order", superscalar applicaEon core[6]

So what about PULP? is it in-order or out-of-order?

Hi LLVM developers,

Welcome to review our work about porting GlobalISel to RISCV[7] and give us some suggestion, thanks a lot!