How to get the 'stop' reason of SBProcess


How do I obtain the exact reason of the process stop state?

Atm, I have a background thread that calls “m_listener.WaitForEvent(…)” once an event arrives
it extracts the process state from the event using the following method:

lldb::StateType state = m_process.GetStateFromEvent( event );

And I handle it accordingly.
However, if a process state is lldb::eStateStopped
I would like to know the reason why, e.g. ‘Breakpoint Hit’, ‘SIGSEGV’ etc

Any advice?

When doing multi-threaded debugging, you might have more than one thread that is stopped due to a signal, breakpoint, watchpoint etc. You you must ask the threads for their stop reason. A process doesn't stop for a reason, but threads do.

So you need to iterate through the threads:

uint32_t num_threads = process.GetNumThreads();

for (uint32_t i=0; i<num_threads; ++i)
    SBThread thread = process.GetThreadAtIndex(i);

Then ask each thread for its stop reason:

    lldb::StopReason stop_reason = thread.GetStopReason();

Then based on the thread stop reason, you can then query for more detailed info based on what "stop_reason" is:

    /// Get the number of words associated with the stop reason.
    /// See also GetStopReasonDataAtIndex().

    /// Get information associated with a stop reason.
    /// Breakpoint stop reasons will have data that consists of pairs of
    /// breakpoint IDs followed by the breakpoint location IDs (they always come
    /// in pairs).
    /// Stop Reason Count Data Type
    /// ======================== ===== =========================================
    /// eStopReasonNone 0
    /// eStopReasonTrace 0
    /// eStopReasonBreakpoint N duple: {breakpoint id, location id}
    /// eStopReasonWatchpoint 1 watchpoint id
    /// eStopReasonSignal 1 unix signal number
    /// eStopReasonException N exception data
    /// eStopReasonExec 0
    /// eStopReasonPlanComplete 0
    SBThread::GetStopReasonDataAtIndex(uint32_t idx);

Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for