How to get ValueRange from a FunctionalType

Hi everyone, is there any way that I could extract the results of a FunctionType as ValueRange, so that I could use it to create another op? I’ve only found the method getResults(), which can only return the types.

FunctionType is a type, you cannot convert it to value range. You can only have a value range if you have values to start with.

Yes, exactly.

A bit details: I’m trying to do something like this: There is a mydialect.myop, which is much like a FuncOP except it’s not really, needed to be lowered into func.func. The op now looks like:

mydialect.myop @test inputs() outputs()
    // ops here

I’m using the NoTerminator Trait now. But for func.func we must create one return, right? And this return creation needs a ValueRange.
Is it possible or is there a way to do such a thing?

How does your op specify which values are “returned”? If there are no such values, you can create an empty ValueRange. Otherwise you need to collect the corresponding values into, e.g., SmallVector<Value> from which a ValueRange can be constructed implicitly.

There are some arguments defined in the scope of outputs. I’m trying to return those Values.

I’m thinking it as well, I should try this.

Another question, how could I insert this ReturnOp at the end of the region? I’m using the method inlineRegionBefore to copy everything in the new FuncOp. But I kinda stuck at how to insert a new one in it.

I suppose your region has a single block (otherwise no-terminator wouldn’t work), something like

auto builder = OpBuilder::atBlockEnd(&region.front())

would work.

Thx so much. I’ll close this thread :wink: