How to invoke conflict resolution process

Hi all,

I’m new to contributing to LLVM. I’m starting to work on Flang. I’ve started a discussion and submitted a patch, but it’s turning out to be more controversial than I had initially anticipated. It has been suggested that maybe we should use the LLVM process to resolve contentious decisions. I would like to do so, but that document says to send an email to the llvm-dev mailing list, but the mailing list says it has been discontinued and moved to Discourse (i.e. this forum). Can anyone help me figure out the details/logistics for how to initiate the process now?


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You should repeat the same process but post in the LLVM category for wider attention.

@clattner - Can you update your document?

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Thanks. I suspected, but didn’t want to jump the gun without some confirmation.

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Done, thanks for the head’s up!