How to link custom doxygen documentation page to LLVM doxygen?

Dear LLVM Developers,

This is the first time I am using this mailing list. Am I correct that I can ask a question by posting to this email address?

My name is Konstantin Rebrov. I am working on a C++ software project which is based on LLVM Core Libraries. By that I mean that in this project we have some custom classes which are inheriting from the LLVM classes, and other custom classes have method which return LLVM class objects, or using LLVM API in some other way.

I have been assigned a task of creating a doxygen documentation for this project. I have succeeded getting the initial documentation being generated for the project, and it looks good. However I also want to be able to link my doxygen documentation with official LLVM doxygen documentation on their website. So our doxygen documentation pages are generated offline and stored in some directory on the PC. I want to be able to link this offline documentation with the LLVM doxygen documentation website.

Because we maybe having custom classes which are inheriting from LLVM classes, I want for any reader to be able to open the local documentation for the derived class displaying an HTML document stored in the PC, and then navigating to the graphviz inheritance hierarchy, click on the LLVM base class and immediately be taken to the LLVM doxygen documentation website for that particular base class. Also if some custom classes are returning LLVM data types, then the data types should also be clickable from the signature of that method, taking one to the LLVM doxygen documentation for that particular LLVM data type.

How can I accomplish this task? I need to have it done by Friday. I have taken a look at doxygen tag files, but I cannot understand how it works, and how to link a website using the tag files.

Please if anyone can give me some hints how to do this using the tag files, or another way to do it, I would be very grateful.


Konstantin Rebrov