How to lower

I’m converting a tensorflow model to MLIR, but I’m having a problem, I can’t lower,this caused me to not be able to convert to llvm ir…I looked at some of lower’s test cases, but I have a question. Why can’t some of the passes be used in, for example -test-tiling-interface=lower-to-scalar-using-scf-for.I have a question, what does the pass at the beginning of test mean?Here is some of the code.If anyone can help me, I would be grateful.

// Here are some of the passes I use
mlir-opt resnet.mlir -pass-pipeline="builtin.module(func.func(tosa-to-linalg- 
  named), \
  func.func(tosa-to-tensor),func.func(tosa-to-linalg),func.func(tosa-to-arith))"  |  \
mlir-opt -linalg-bufferize -empty-tensor-to-alloc-tensor -arith-bufferize  \
 -tensor-bufferize -func-bufferize -buffer-deallocation  -convert-linalg-to-loops \ 
 -convert-vector-to-scf  -convert-scf-to-cf  \ 
 -convert-vector-to-llvm -arith-expand -convert-math-to-llvm \
 -expand-strided-metadata -finalize-memref-to-llvm  -convert-math-to-llvm \
 -convert-func-to-llvm -llvm-request-c-wrappers -reconcile-unrealized-casts

Here is part of the code of the model, I found how I could not lower the

    %6076 = bufferization.to_tensor %6075 : memref<1x305x305x3xf32>
    %6077 = llvm.extractvalue %6074[0] : !llvm.struct<(ptr, ptr, i64, array<4 x i64>, array<4 x i64>)> @free(%6077) : (!llvm.ptr) -> ()
    %mapped = outs(%6076 : tensor<1x305x305x3xf32>)
      () {
        linalg.yield %28 : f32

Sorry for asking this question here, it’s actually a simple question, I think I’m still missing the relevant experience, I found the problem there now, although I used convert-linalg-to-loops, I didn’t think that the was generated after the first run of convert-linalg-to-loops and I needed to use convert-linalg-to-loops a second time.