How to make ScalarEvolution recompute SCEV values?

Hello all,

I’m pretty new to LLVM.

I'm writing a pass for loop optimization. I clone and rearrange loops, setting the cloned loop as the original loop’s parent. This can be done multiple times, until there is no more work to do. The trouble is, after the first time I do this, the cloned loop's SCEVs become unknown types when they should be AddRecExpr.

If I re-run the whole pass on the IR outputted by the first iteration, it will correctly identify them as AddRecExpr.

I've already tried called Scalar Evolution’s *ForgetAllLoops* function, but that doesn't work. I also tried calling the *runOnFunction* from the ScalarEvolution pass, but that also didn't work.

My question is: how can I make ScalarEvolution re-calculate the SCEV values for the unknown SCEVs, or, is there a way to re-run ScalarEvolution and LoopInfo analysis pass during my pass?

This is my current CloneLoop function:

Loop *cloneLoop(Function *F, Loop *L, LoopInfo *LI, const Twine &NameSuffix,
                ValueToValueMapTy &VMap) {
    // original preheader of the loop
    const auto PreHeader = L->getLoopPreheader();
    // keep track of the original predecessors
    std::set<BasicBlock *> AllPredecessors;
    for (auto PredIt = pred_begin(PreHeader), E = pred_end(PreHeader);
         PredIt != E; PredIt++)
    BasicBlock *ExitBlock = L->getExitBlock();
    auto DT = DominatorTree(*F);
    SmallVector<BasicBlock *, 8> Blocks;
    const auto ClonedLoop = cloneLoopWithPreheader(PreHeader, PreHeader, L, VMap, NameSuffix, LI, &DT, Blocks);
    VMap[ExitBlock] = PreHeader; // chain: cloned loop -> original loop
    remapInstructionsInBlocks(Blocks, VMap);
    // remap original predecessors to the cloned loop
    for (BasicBlock *PredBB : AllPredecessors) {
        Instruction *TI = PredBB->getTerminator();
        for (unsigned i = 0; i < TI->getNumOperands(); i++) {
            if (TI->getOperand(i) == PreHeader)
                TI->setOperand(i, ClonedLoop->getLoopPreheader());
    return ClonedLoop;

Augusto Noronha

It looks like you're passing the wrong DominatorTree to cloneLoopWithPreheader. ScalarEvolutionWrapperPass depends on LoopInfoWrapperPass and DominatorTreeWrapperPass; if those are outdated, SCEV won't recognize your loops at all.

ScalarEvolution::forgetAllLoops should clear out all the cached data in SCEV itself.


Thanks Eli!

That was it, I got the DominatorTree by calling


and it worked.

Augusto Noronha